Installation view
2018. ShugoArts
Installation view
2018. ShugoArts
Installation view
2018. ShugoArts
Dust, prussian blue
2017, oil, acrylic on panel, 142×85cm [13178]
into the water 2
2017, acrylic, oil on canvas, 142x110cm [12811]
into the water 1
2017, acrylic, oil on canvas, 142x220cm [12810]
into the sky
2017, acrylic, oil on canvas mounted on panel, 142x220cm [12671]
ground, cold midnight
2017, oil on panel, 71×71cm [12561]
Last Summer Bathing
2016, oil on panel, 71x90.0cm [12458]
Bathing, Pond
2016, oil on panel, 91.0x72.7cm [12448]
Bathing, Morning sun
2016, oil, acrylic on panel, 91.0x72.7cm, [12446]
in Pond
2015, oil, acrylic on canvas, 67.5x67cm, [11770]
Start from White
2015, oil on canvas, 34.5x25.5cm, [11769]
Day dream white
2014, oil on canvas, 41x31.8cm [11428]
Light of the Seine
2014, oil on canvas, 41x31.8cm [11423]
2014, oil on canvas, 194x194cm [11366]
2013, oil on panel, 80.3x65.2cm, [11426]
Born in Fukuoka, lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated from PhD, oil painting, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016.
She creates her painting as if she a produced canvas itself by dripping and layering oil paints like threads. At times, she actively includes chance through her dialectic approach, which embodies “construction, destruction and reconstruction” by blowing wet paints off the canvas.
Selected solo exhibition: Fountain, ShugoArts, Tokyo(2018), Bathing, ShugoArts Weekend Gallery, Tokyo(2016), Project N 58 Yoriko Takabatake, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo(2014)
Selected group exhibition: TRICK-DIMENSION, TOKYO FRONT LINE , Tokyo(2013), Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2013, Tokyo(2013), DANDANS at No Man's Land, former French Embassy, Tokyo(2010)
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Solo Exhibition : VENUS gana art hannam, Seoul

2019.4.3 Wed - 5.1 Wed
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2018.4.14 Sat - 5.19 Sat

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