A statue in a pond and sky seen through palm trees. Botanical Garden of Hamma, Algiers, Algeria
2017, Platinum print, 10.2x15.4cm [13252]
Entwined - Trees in the middle of a former trench at the Battle of the Marne
2017, Chromogenic print, 65x83cm [13240]
Books - Memorial to the student victims during the Algerian War of Independence, University of Algiers
2017, Chromogenic print, 30.5x45.7cm [13245]
Dialogue with...
2018, Single Channel video installation (HD, colour, sound) , 8 minutes [13268]
Sartre’s glasses - Viewing a letter by Albert Camus addressed to Sartre when he was the director of Les Temps Modernes
2018, gelatin silver print, 120x120cm [13227]
Fujita’s Glasses - Viewing a telegram he sent to GHQ officer Sherman who helped him leave Japan
2015, gelatin silver print, 120x120cm ed.5, 75x75cm ed.7, 38x38cm ed.8, [11955]
Freud’s Glasses - Viewing a text by Jung I
1998, gelatin silver print, 120x120cm ed.5, 75x75cm ed.7, 38x38cm ed.8 [6824]
Entwined barbwire and flowers (near DMZ, Cheorwon, South Korea)
2015, chromogenic print, 65x83cm, ed.10, [11928]
The 50th Parallel: Former border between Russia and Japan
2012, chromogenic print, 65x83cm, ed.10 [10636]
2011, chromogenic print, 83x65cm, ed.10 [9932]
Sadako's paper cranes of prayer, Hiroshima
2011, chromogenic print, 83x65cm, ed.10 [9940]
Former house of General Wang Shu-ming, the Chief of Staff under Chiang Kai-Shek, Cidong Street, I
2010, chromogenic print, 65x83cm, ed.10 [9525]
2009, chromogenic print, 65x83cm, ed.10 [8921]
Lovers, Dunaújváros (formerly Stalin City), Hungary
2004, chromogenic print, 65x83cm, ed.10 [6195]
The 70th 6 August, Horoshima
2015, chromogenic print [12062]
Crash site of B-29 photographic reconnaissance plane used in 1946 at Bikini Atoll in the first post-WWII atomic bomb tests, Peak District, England
2015, chromogenic print, 103x130cm ed.5, 76x96cm ed.5 [11921]
Wedding - View of the wedding party on the river that divides North Korea and China, Dandong, China
2007, chromogenic print, 76.0x96.0cm, ed.5 [8040]
Minefield - View of minefield located by tourist attraction in the Demilitarized Zone, Paju City, South Korea
2004, chromogenic print, 76.0x96.0cm, ed.5 [5545]
Path - Path to the cliff where Japanese committed suicide after the American landings, Saipan
2003, chromogenic print, 76.0x96.0cm, ed.5 [5354]
Heat I
1996, gelatin silver print, 130x100cm ed.5, 72x56cm ed.7 [6416]
Crystals III
2013, gelatin silver print, 35.4x28.4cm, ed.15 [10543]
1965 Born in Hyogo
Lives in London

Solo Exhibition : Dialogue with Albert Camus
Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris

2018.3.28 Wed - 6.2 Sat

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participate : Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown The National Museum of Art, Osaka

2018.1.21 Sun - 5.6 Sun

The National Museum of Art website >>
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