Atsushi Yamamoto “Video Hut” / ShugoArts Show

2023.7.29 Sat - 9.9 Sat


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The reason why I am attracted to video as an art medium is that I can transfer my life into it as one expression, as a record.
I also like the fact that video = light, and the presence or absence of light = the presence or absence of existence.
Not being a physical object, but being a phenomenon. So, in the end, you could say that I continue to move around the periphery of “ontology” through the creation of my video works.
Perhaps it is appropriate for my videos to be shown in a temporary “hut” rather than in a permanent space.

May 2023 Atsushi Yamamoto



There is no vanity in Atsushi Yamamoto’s works.
Yamamoto often says that he is a reactionary body. His own reactions, caused by the environment, are his own thoughts and feelings that exist as certain phenomena. He chooses video as a medium to make them exist in the material world. Therefore, all of Yamamoto’s seemingly nonsensical works are fragments of reality as perceived through his own mind.


Atsushi YAMAMOTO, The Film Hut, 2017-2023, UHD


On weekdays, Yamamoto works for a non-profit organization to serve society. He comes home to spend time with his wife, children, and parents. On weekends, he creates his artworks alone or with fellow artists, sometimes involving his family. The number of works he has created and accumulated has reached 291. He says that the time he spends filming is the best moment when his “life takes root.” During filming, things often don’t go as planned. There are things that are inadvertently captured without his knowledge. Even so, he takes everything he sees in the videos as his own and makes it into a work of art. There are no boundaries between everyday life, art, and life for Atsushi Yamamoto. That is why Yamamoto’s works are grounded and beautiful, including their comedic and tragic elements.


Atsushi YAMAMOTO, The ghost from the city of ghosts, 2019-2023, UHD


Video Hut is a project to showcase Yamamoto’s works once a year on a large screen. This year, the front room of the gallery will be used as a dark room for the screening of seven films. The back room of the gallery will be used to display drawings by Masaya Chiba and works by Masato Kobayashi and others. Please stop by ShugoArts for a summer lull.

June 2023 ShugoArts




Atsushi Yamamoto “Video Hut” / ShugoArts Show
Dates: Saturday, 29 July – Saturday, 9 September 2023
*Summer holidays: Sunday, August 13 – Monday, August 21
Venue: ShugoArts
Hours: 11am ‒ 6pm, Closed on Sun, Mon and Public Holidays
Curated by Minako Ishii
Supported by BenQ Japan



Top image: Atsushi YAMAMOTO, A swimming person, 2023, UHD