A blank stare like a gasp

November 18 Sat. - December 23 Sat. 2023
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18 November - 23 December 2023
28 October 2023 - 4 February 2024
Ashiya City Museum of Art and History

The second “Portfolio” series

2023.11.16 Thu

The second "Portfolio," an editioned work by Lee Kit, is now complete.

The 12 images printed on watercolor paper are selected from images Kit has taken on a daily basis over the past decade. In addition, the texts from his journal are included as well as the images. Compared to the previous edition, this work focuses more on color and texture, and the imagery is more abstract. These works, which are visual entities apart from any specific meaning or context, will be presented for the first time in his solo exhibition A blank stare like a gasp. The installation consists of works including, but not limited to, spray paint on metal plates, shiny walls created by transparent tape, a surface layer of destroyed metal, and projections used as light.

Ed. 30, 5AP

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About Freedom

2023.9.22 Fri - 11.5 Sun
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Shigeo TOYA

Announcement for the publication “Toya Shigeo: Sculpture”

Toya's new book "Toya Shigeo: Sculpture" has been published by T&M Projects. This book covers important works from his early years to recent years, in addition to the works from the exhibition "Toya Shigeo Sculpture" at Nagano Prefectural Art Museum and The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama. This is a book in which you can truly know the 'Sculpture' by Shigeo Toya.

Exhibition information
Toya Shigeo Sculpture
Nagano Prefectural Art Museum
4 November 2022 - 29 January 2023
Official website   Installation view

The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama
25 February - 14 May 2023
Official website

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Announcement of The Satani Gallery Archives Release

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Publication of the Aki Kondo’s first monograph: The Happiness that Exists Here

Aki Kondo's first monograph, The Happiness that Exists Here, has published in March, 2021.

220 x 280mm, 128pages
Price: 5,500JPY
Text: Aki Kondo, Ryoko Kamiyama
Translation: Christopher Stephens
Design: Satoshi Suzuki

Publisher: T&M Projects + ShugoArts
First Edition: March 2021

Works and Info

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Masaya CHIBA

Publication of Chiba Masaya’s first exhibition catalogue “Masaya Chiba Exhibition”

Masaya Chiba's first exhibition catalogue, Masaya Chiba Exhibition, has published in March, 2021.

Masaya Chiba Exhibition
Language: Japanese and English
180 pages
Format: A4 deformed
Price: 3,850- JPY
Designed by: Natsuko Yoneyama
Publisher: Bijutsu Shuppan-sha Co.,Ltd.
ISBN: 978-4-568-10534-6 C3070
NADiff Online

Masaya Chiba Exhibition
Venue: Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
Dates: 16 January – 21 March, 2021

Masaya Chiba
Works and Info

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Publication of Imaginarium, a collection of new art works by Anju Michele

Imaginarium, a collection of new art works by Anju Michele, has published in July, 2020.

Anju Michele  Imaginarium
Author: Anju Michele
Title: Imaginarium
Text by Akira Tatehata
Design & Editing by Atsuki Kikuchi
Published by Tre Isole Co., Ltd.
First published on July 2, 2020
ISBN: 978-4-9911534-0-2
Format: B5 deformed
Language: Japanese / English
Price: JPY3,850- (Tax included)

Anju Michele
Works and Info

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Atsushi Yamamoto “Video Hut” / ShugoArts Show

2023.7.29 Sat - 9.9 Sat
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I Wanted to See You

2023.6.10 Sat - 7.22 Sat
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Forms of Light

2023.4.22 Sat - 5.27 Sat
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“HIRAKU Project Vol.14 Naofumi Maruyama Kicking the Water: Sengokuhara” Pola Museum of Art

2023.1.28 Sat - 7.2 Sun
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Our measures for preventing coronavirus infections

In order to ensure public safety, we will ask you to follow the guidelines below.

・Please wear a mask and disinfect your hands.

・Please measure your body temperature if you have a lingering cough or have a fever. If your body temperature is above 37C, we may ask you to leave the gallery.

・Please keep your social distance while being in the gallery.

・In order to avoid a crowded situation, we ask you not to come to the gallery as a group. There are chances that you need to wait outside the gallery first when we have too many people inside.

We will periodically disinfect the floor with alcohol, let some fresh air in and disinfect other fixtures and accessories. We will also measure our body temperature and take care of our health every day, wash our hands and gargle to prevent infections and wear masks at all times.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

September 2020, ShugoArts

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