Masaya CHIBA

Masaya Chiba Exhibition, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

2021.1.16 Sat - 3.21 Sun


A solo exhibition by Masaya Chiba, Masaya Chiba Exhibition, features a huge pathway for Chiba’s turtles connecting the three gallery spaces, which engenders his painting world with over a hundred paintings, drawings, objects, and videos from the past and the present.

As the artist himself explores the illusionistic nature of painting, so does this distinguishing exhibition showcasing his artwork. The exhibition includes, but is not limited to, the Tokyo Opera City version of his Warm Stuff series in which he paints portraits on electric carpets and blankets, the Jointed tree gallery from which Tomio Miki’s EAR was hung, and paintings with different functions using smells, sounds, and QR codes. 



Installation view


Masaya Chiba Exhibition
Saturday, January 16 – Sunday, March 21
Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery