Announcement for the Limited Edition Scarf and Artwork Presentation at the Loro Piana Ginza Store

2021.7.1 Thu

Loro Piana, the Italian fashion brand, will launch initial sales of a new scarf, a limited edition featuring Anju Michele, at its flagship store in Ginza from Thursday, July 1, 2021. The original artwork that inspired the scarf will also be exhibited at the store alongside the scarf.

Anju Michele 
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About the Limited Edition Scarf

The limited edition scarf, which was inspired by Anju Michele’s new work Ray, comes in two colors: blue and orange. Anju uses blue in his works so often that it can be considered as his iconic color, which is also featured in Ray. Orange embodies the image of the sunshine in Italy, which is not only the homeland of the artist himself, but also the birthplace of Loro Piana. The new scarves are limited to thirty pieces in each color, numbered and signed by the artist. Please check the official website of Loro Piana Japan for product information. You can also call Loro Piana Japan at +81-3-5579-5182.



About the Exhibition

Anju Michele painted a new series of five works titled Ray, which has inspired the Italian fashion brand Loro Piana to create a new scarf. One of those works became the design base for a new scarf and will be displayed alongside the scarf at the Loro Piana Ginza Store from Thursday, July 1. In addition, the other four artworks from the Ray series will be presented at ShugoArts Show, a group show at ShugoArts starting from Saturday, June 26, 2021.

ShugoArts Show exhibition info


Anju MICHELE, Ray, 2021, acrylic on Japanese paper mounted on panel, 120x120cm

Anju MICHELE, Ray, 2021(detail), acrylic on Japanese paper mounted on panel, 120x120cm



Rays are a gentle form of light that extend from distant sources to deliver a powerful message to us all. Loro Piana’s Soffio fabric represents the finest in woven cashmere and silk fabric, and its use extends to such beautiful garments as feathery-textured robes. These delicate rays are designed to warmly embrace all they touch.

Anju Michele



ShugoArts Show is scheduled to be held from Saturday, June 26, to Saturday, July 31. Along with the four works from Anju Michele’s new series Ray, we will introduce many works that have not been exhibited in galleries. It would be our pleasure if you could visit our gallery as well as the exhibition at the Loro Piana Ginza Store.