ShugoArts, ShugoArts Show,

2019.2.16 Sat - 4.6 Sat










 We are pleased to announce the opening of The ShugoArts Show. In the front room of the gallery, you can find sculptures and prints (which have not been displayed in the exhibition space since he recently printed them out from the copper plates that he made with his chainsaw based on his sculpture pieces in the 1990s) by Shigeo TOYA and new work by Yoriko TAKABATAKE to name a few. Although said artists are from different generations, we are able to witness that TAKABATAKE has expressed a new understanding of “oblique structure created by gaze,” TOYA’s cherished sculptural concept, in her oil paintings.

 In the back room, we will exhibit early works by Masato KOBAYASHI who has just published the first part of his three-part autobiographical novel. It would be our pleasure if you could enjoy the earlier work by the young painter Masato KOBAYASHI as he depicted himself in his book. In addition, this is going to be a good opportunity to see Leiko IKEMURA’s rare drawings from the early 1990s and her solo exhibition Our Planet – Earth and Stars is currently on view at the National Art Center, Tokyo. We will also showcase works by Lee KIT, Ritsue MISHIMA and Anju MICHELE who utilizes silver support structures for his paintings, which are going to be shown at ShugoArts for the first time.

ShugoArts, January 2019


TO01-6-12002壁の塊 Ⅲ p01

Shigeo TOYA, Mass of Folds III, 2015, wood, wood ash, acrylic, 60×60×62cm



Yoriko TAKABATAKE, Blue sky dust, 2018, oil on panel, 142×95cm


名称未設定 3

Shigeo TOYA, Untitled 1, 1990/2017, etching, aquatint on paper, image: 60×60cm, sheet: 85×80cm, ed.28


Top image: Masato KOBAYASHI, Christmas White, 1990, paint, board, 181.5×75cm