How to live #2 at RoppongiMasaya CHIBA, Masato KOBAYASHI, LEE Kit, Atsushi YAMAMOTO
2018.05.25 - 06.23 ShugoArts

Masaya CHIBA Morning Coffee and Rising Steam
2018, oil on canvas, mirror, wood, 131x194cm(canvas) 150x210cm (mirror) [13339]
Masaya CHIBA The Gods of our Gods are you (plural)
2018, oil on canvas, mirror, wood, 53x45.5cm(canvas)、60x50cm(mirror) [13317]
Masato KOBAYASHI Rembrandt‘s Table
2014, Oil, canvas, wood, 154x78x7cm [13303]
Masato KOBAYASHI A model of this planet (Cow girl taking the glove off)
2018, oil, acrylic, canvas, wood, 120x97x8cm [13327]
LEE Kit Reflection of the gallery table
2018, looped digital video , projection: 184x242cm/ 1min 30sec [13341]
LEE Kit I'm done with it
2018, acrylic, emulsion paint, collage, inkjet ink on cardboard, 47x39cm [13342]
LEE Kit Sane
2017 - 2018, acrylic, emulsion paint, inkjet ink on fabric, 33x24cm [13231]
Atsushi YAMAMOTO Sunny days in Thailand
2013, HD Video, 13min. 50sec. [13276]