Forms of Light

2023.4.22 Sat - 5.27 Sat


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Ritsue MISHIMA, VENERE, 2023, glass, 36x23x22cm


At the beginning of each year and on other occasions, I visit Shinto shrines. I am always interested in looking at the mirrors and pure white paper hangings placed at the end of the shrine toward which I put my hands together to pray. In a similar way, looking at the ancient ritual objects in the museum, I wonder why they are shaped like that. I am attracted to “forms” that people have continued to create in order to honor something invisible.

Over the past three years or so, I lost my family members and friends, and I have had many opportunities to meet people who lost their loved ones. When people think and pray for someone beyond the reality of the here and now, they may seek some type of form. I have long felt that there is a mystery lurking in my glasswork. So, I would like to start a journey now, once again, to explore the Forms of Light.

March 2023 Ritsue Mishima


Ritsue MISHIMA, RIVERBERO, 2023, glass, 35.5x18x18cm


Last year, Ritsue Mishima became the first Japanese artist to hold a solo exhibition at the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice. Mishima’s profound knowledge of the culture and history of Venetian glass and her innovative expression were recognized through the exhibition, which was awarded the “Fondazione di Venezia Award” at the Venice Glass Week held at the same time. Mishima’s powerful activities that transcend borders have inspired not only art, but also architecture, crafts, fashion, and design, and she was honored with BVLGARI AVRORA AWARDS 2022, which celebrates her achievements as a brilliant woman.


Ritsue MISHIMA, VITA, 2023, glass, 12×22.5x12cm


Ritsue Mishima, who moved to Venice in 1989 and eventually began attending a glass studio on the island of Murano, has considered light itself an important element in her work since the beginning. She has continued to express its rich expressions and shadows through colorless, transparent glass. She has always had a keen sensitivity and insight into primordial forms and the environment that surrounds us. And with this backdrop, the artist has been able to sustain her creativity.

The concept of Forms of Light is one that Mishima has cultivated through many years of artmaking. We have a habit of worshipping and wearing symbolic objects to gain strength when we are reminded of someone in our memories, when we are guided by strong beliefs, and when we feel grateful to be alive. There are various layers of dimensions in this world, and we may be kept alive by connecting them to reality through “form.” Therefore, bringing “form” into this world is truly a fundamental and creative act. We hope you will enjoy the new works of Ritsue Mishima, an artist of light.

March 2023 ShugoArts


Ritsue MISHIMA, DEA, 2023, glass, 46×37.5×32.5cm



Ritsue MISHIMA Forms of Light
Date: Saturday, 22 April – Saturday, 27 May 2023
Venue: ShugoArts
Hours: 12 pm – 6 pm, Closed on Sun, Mon, and Public Holidays
Curated by Minako Ishii

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