Shigeo TOYA

Announcement for the publication “Toya Shigeo: Sculpture”

Toya's new book "Toya Shigeo: Sculpture" has been published by T&M Projects. This book covers important works from his early years to recent years, in addition to the works from the exhibition "Toya Shigeo Sculpture" at Nagano Prefectural Art Museum and The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama. This is a book in which you can truly know the 'Sculpture' by Shigeo Toya.

Exhibition information
Toya Shigeo Sculpture
Nagano Prefectural Art Museum
4 November 2022 - 29 January 2023
Official website   Installation view

The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama
25 February - 14 May 2023
Official website



“Toya Shigeo: Sculpture”
215x297mm, 320pages, Hardcover / Softcover
Japanese / English
Text: Toya Shigeo, Minemura Toshiaki, Tatehata Akira, Sahara Shiori, Matsumoto Tohru, Suzuki Yukino,  Shinfuji Atsushi, Tomii Motohiro, Endo Toshikatsu, Katsumata Ryo
Design: Suzuki Satoshi
Publisher: T&M Projects
ISBN: 978-4-909442-39-0
Price of the hardcover version: 7,150JPY

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*There are two versions: hardcover and softcover, and the contents are the same.
*The hardcover version comes with a sleeve and is available in a limited number of copies. The hardcover version is also available in our gallery.