Masaya CHIBA

Masaya Chiba Exhibition Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery

2021.1.16 Sat - 3.21 Sun


Masaya Chiba will hold an exhibition at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery from Saturday, January 16, 2021, which will be his first major solo exhibition at a museum in Japan.

Chiba continues to explore the illusory nature of painting, using all kinds of things as motifs for his artworks. At other times, he is fearless in taking advantage of this illusory nature. In this exhibition, Chiba will make full use of the space of the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery by exhibiting more than sixty oil paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos, from his past to his latest works.

This exhibition features the Opera City version of the “warm-hearted staff” series, in which he paints portraits on electric carpets and electric blankets, as well as the latest exhibition of the Jointed Tree Gallery project, in which the artist holds an exhibition in a tree. Moreover, in order to usher the viewers into his painting space, Chiba will set up passages for the turtle, which he has taken care of and has often introduced as a motif for the Turtle’s Life series.

We hope you will not miss this great opportunity to see Chiba’s artworks all at once.


Installation view