Publication of Imaginarium, a collection of new art works by Anju Michele

Imaginarium, a collection of new art works by Anju Michele, has published in July, 2020.

Anju Michele  Imaginarium
Author: Anju Michele
Title: Imaginarium
Text by Akira Tatehata
Design & Editing by Atsuki Kikuchi
Published by Tre Isole Co., Ltd.
First published on July 2, 2020
ISBN: 978-4-9911534-0-2
Format: B5 deformed
Language: Japanese / English
Price: JPY3,850- (Tax included)

Anju Michele
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―― and in the entrancing picture described above, reflected light and permeating light softly blend, with planes of color and the silver background interacting in a manner that transcends the simple relationship between ground and figure. In Anju’s hands, painting is literally a world of luminous phenomena. *

Akira Tatehata

This collection includes about eighty artworks that Michele created in Kyoto from 2017 to 2020. By mainly showcasing his recent series in which the artist painted on aluminum paper, this collection exhibits Anjuʼs creativity to its full extent. In addition, Atsuki Kikuchi realized the book design and Akira Tatehata wrote a text for this particular collection. Please pay attention to those features along with other contents.

*Akira Tatehata, Beautiful Luminous Phenomena
Anju Michele Imaginarium, p.70-71