Publication of the Aki Kondo’s first monograph: The Happiness that Exists Here

Aki Kondo's first monograph, The Happiness that Exists Here, has published in March, 2021.

220 x 280mm, 128pages
Price: 5,500JPY
Text: Aki Kondo, Ryoko Kamiyama
Translation: Christopher Stephens
Design: Satoshi Suzuki

Publisher: T&M Projects + ShugoArts
First Edition: March 2021

Works and Info



The publication of this monograph was made possible by the efforts of Tomoki Matsumoto of T&M Projects, who has been paying attention to Kondo’s activities for a long time, and the design was realized by Satoshi Suzuki. The readers will enjoy Kondo’s first monograph as they turn the pages and come face to face with various pictures that look like actual paintings. The luster and rise of the paint, the rich flow of brushstrokes, and the overlapping colors of Kondo’s paintings are all recreated on paper.

In celebration of the publication of her first monograph, a solo exhibition entitled “The Happiness that Exists Here” will be held at ShugoArts starting on Sunday, March 13, where visitors will be able to see the powerful works included in the monograph up close. The exhibition will be held simultaneously at four venues: ShugoArts, Philips Tokyo, Contemporary Art Foundation, and DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition together with the monograph.

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