Flowers in the Heart

ShugoArts Online – Exhibition 

2020.4.25 Sat - 5.30 Sat


We humans have experienced various histories since our birth. Many conflicts and famines have changed our cultures and medical science. As science has developed and changed our daily lives blazingly fast, our common sense is also at stake now.

However, just as there is no night without a dawn, the morning always arrives, the season changes and the spring comes around with new greens and blooming flowers. Some things do not change even when people all over the world are struggling to live their own lives. It seems like they are telling us how to go through a severe winter.

We have art and music that enrich our hearts, and there are flowers in our hearts. Thanks to them, we have found peace of mind and become compassionate to one another. Those may not be able to save people’s lives as the power of science obviously does. But we go insane if we are scared of an invisible menace which is currently attacking us, with only two options available to us, to live or die.

Making my own paintings, I believe it is very important for us to nourish our hearts in order to live today and create our future.
Now, prosper your creativity and bloom the flowers in your heart.

I wish everyone in the world good health and I hope we can hug each other with smiles on our faces again soon.

Aki Kondo April, 2020



Aki Kondo Online Show  Flowers in the Heart


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We are pleased to announce the opening of ShugoArts’ first online exhibition.

Having experienced the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake,, Aki Kondo sublimated her sorrow into a movie, HIKARI (2015), featuring a combination of over 14,000 paintings of hers and live action scenes, in order to present a hope out of the tragedy. Over the past five years, Kondo has overcome so many different events both as an artist and individual. Believing in her painting more than ever, now she is facing the canvas again and pouring her gaze full of love into the motifs. Although we are currently facing an unprecedented situation, we hope that you can find your favorite paintings to be hung in your heart through our online show.

We are going to stream the movie HIKARI in the course of the following dates.

2 May – 6 May, 2020
Special online screening: Aki Kondo HIKARI 

Curated by Minako Ishii



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